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Why we started Ribbon

Nate Maslak, Ribbon CEO

Today, we are excited to publicly announce our new brand as Ribbon Health. As we look forward to continuing our journey, I felt it was important for us to share why we started this company in the first place and how we got to where we are today.

For those of you just meeting us, our mission is to simplify healthcare. Ribbon Health is a predictive analytics and data platform for the healthcare industry. Our API provides access to accurate and comprehensive data on doctors, insurance plans, and costs. We are dedicated to powering every healthcare decision to be high-quality, cost-effective, and convenient.

Like many healthcare entrepreneurs, we are all driven in part because of our past experiences with our healthcare system. For me, this moment was when my mom needed help finding a doctor for joint pain. What we hoped would be a routine visit turned into dozens of doctor visits, tests, X-Rays, and more. After six months and thousands of dollars wasted, she had seen countless specialists for what felt like every individual joint, and yet, no one was able to focus on her wholistic issues and provide her with a path forward. To date, I believe this problem would have been solved with better information -- the right type of doctors to see, in-network, who specialize in similar conditions for people like my mom.

That realization ultimately led to a new company. But we didn’t start out as Ribbon Health, we started out as HealthWiz. HealthWiz provided patients with a user-facing software to navigate their healthcare, from triaging symptoms & researching conditions, to finding doctors, and estimating healthcare costs.

As we worked on HealthWiz, we noticed quickly how difficult it was to create an accurate picture of a physician - the available information was outdated, inaccurate, or at worst, seemingly made up. As we began to build our predictive analytics solution to solve for this data problem, we quickly learned we were not the only ones having this issue -- we got dozens of calls asking us where to access accurate information on doctors, insurance plans, and costs.

That was the moment we decided to dedicate our lives to building a company that would power the many solutions already looking to do good in healthcare. We decided to provide access to the data asset that we had built, the predictive analytics that powered it, and the decisions it would support, so that we focus on powering an incredible ecosystem of healthcare companies and entrepreneurs.

Today, Ribbon Health is entirely focused on providing accurate data at scale, distributed and democratized so that eventually anyone can have the ability to make high-quality, cost-effective, and convenient healthcare decisions.