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Our mission is to simplify healthcare decisions

Meet the Team

Josh Bronstein


Nate Fox

Cofounder, CTO

Nate Maslak

Cofounder, CEO

Sahil Sud

Product & Business Development

Our Story

We started Ribbon when...

My mom was having joint pain all over and was struggling to find a doctor. Finally, she went to one who referred her to another, who referred her to another, who referred her to another.

Six months and three thousand dollars spent later, she still didn't know what was wrong. After countless tests and x-rays, she couldn't find a doctor who could help.

Having witnessed first-hand just how hard it can be to find and access high-quality, convenient, and cost-effective care, we started building a solution so that no one would ever have to struggle to get the care they need. That's why Ribbon exists.

-Nate Maslak, Cofounder & CEO

Our Values

Run Towards Hard Problems

We are motivated by the toughest challenges. We seek out hard problems that have the most impact and solve them to help those who need it most.

Put your team first and they'll put you first

We are a family. We are all happier and healthier when we take care of each other and put each other’s needs ahead of our own.

Do what you say and say what you do

We are honest with each other. We are accountable to each other.

Stay hungry, keep improving

We are humble. We will make mistakes, learn from those mistakes, and be better because of those mistakes.

Practice habits of excellence

We measure our success by the process it took to get there. We will always do our very best and we are proud of the outcome because of it.

Build with empathy

We are building the best healthcare experience for our users. When faced with a difficult decision, we do what’s best for people's lives.

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